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Zoe Cuneo
Zoe Cuneo
Website & Graphic Designer

Zoe Cuneo has over 9 years of experience as an arts professional. She is skilled in a variety of areas including web and graphic design, SEO, marketing, operations, and studio management. Zoe has assisted Red Stick Mental Health's design and visibility efforts since 2018. 

A lifelong artist, Zoe’s passion is helping people and organizations create engaging digital experiences. Zoe is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

Zoe has worked in both corporate and nonprofit arts, for large organizations and individuals. She earned her B.A. in Film, Theatre, and Communication Arts and her M.A. in Arts Administration, both at the University of New Orleans. 

Zoe is currently taking on new clients and projects. She can be reached at, or through her website,

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