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Jennifer Tewell, LCSW
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Jennifer Tewell, LCSW
(225) 254-0520

Jennifer Tewell is passionate about helping individuals and families. Fourteen years ago, she began her journey in the non-profit and small business sectors primarily in social services. Jennifer has experience in a variety of areas, including survivors of sexual assault, children/teens (ADHD, IEP, 504, neurodivergence), families, mild to chronic severe mental illness, trauma, crisis intervention, and prevention.


Jennifer earned a Master of Social Work (Louisiana State University), a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communications (Franklin University), and an Associate of Arts in early-childhood education (Rock Valley College). Jennifer is a Licensed Master Social Worker, certified Stewards of Children facilitator, Sexual Assault Survivors advocate, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) certified, Crisis Prevention Intervention certified, and a former Fragile Families facilitator. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

She orchestrated a successful grassroots advocacy campaign that changed the law and executed a public education campaign around intimate partner violence that reached over 2.9 million people. The extensive macro experience she has in shaping systems that directly impact individuals allows for a unique perspective to empower clients. 

Because of my own divergent background, it is important to me that I work with a wide range of individuals. This includes persons of all shapes and sizes, cultures and religions, abilities and disabilities, ages and races, sexual orientations (LGBTQI+, kink, poly, asexual), socioeconomic status and occupational status.

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