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Frequently Asked Questions

All services:
Q: Do you accept insurances?

A:  Our therapists participate with some insurances.  And some of our services are reimbursed by insurance companies but not all.  We will be able to provide the best answer to your coverage questions in a phone conversation prior to your first session.  We are happy to confirm benefits and secure authorization for our clients.


Q: How should I prepare for my first session?

A:  We
 will send an email to you tailored to the service you will receive.  Print the included materials out and complete them to the best of your ability.  Leave anything blank which you don't understand or with which you don't feel comfortable.  Arrive on time.  We are usually on time.  There is no receptionist.  Make yourself comfortable.  

Q: Are there rules for your building?

A: You may bring drinks to the building but no food.  Please take calls outside only.  Please engage in only quiet activities in order to respect the need for concentration by clients in the therapist offices surrounding the lobby.  While it's not a rule, I suggest you take advantage of the quiet calm of our lobby to rest and prepare for your session.  Please do not bring unattended children to session.

Q:  Is it ok to refer others to your services?

A:  It is the greatest compliment you can give.  If you are concerned that we might not accept them (e.g. not take their insurance, not treat a related person, not treat a particular diagnosis or problem), don't worry.  We will be glad to assess the fit and, if neither of us is the best fit, we will be in the best position to assist them in locating another therapist.

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