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Our Team
Carlo Cuneo, LCSW, CST
(225) 923-8255

Carlo has over 25 years in private practice of mental health after working as an accounting professional.  His professional experience has included the fields of sexual and gender health, family mediation and post-separation / divorce adjustment, Crisis and Suicide Intervention, hospice services, and trauma recovery.

Carlo is an American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) Certified Sex Therapist (CST).  His areas of assistance have included:  Out-of-Control Sexual Behaviors, low sexual desire, erectile difficulties, orgasmic dysfunction, sexual pain and assisting couples to maintain a healthy sexuality.  He works with persons of all sexual orientations as well as persons who identify as kinky, poly or asexual.

Carlo is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) as well as the National Association of Social Workers.  He has provided competency training in the area of Gender to the LSU School of Medicine Psychiatric Residency Program, Louisiana Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, LSU School of Social Work, LSU College of Education Counselor Education Program, and LSU Mental Health Center.

He has received training as a Domestic Mediator, Collaborative Divorce Professional, and Parenting Coordinator.  

Along with his focus on sexual and gender health, Carlo has had a broad practice, providing over 25,000 hours of psychotherapy services to adults, couples, families, children and teens.

He earned a B.S. in Accounting from LSU, an M.A. in Psychology from Southeastern Lousiana University and an M.S.W. from LSU.  He is a CPA (Inactive). 

In his private life, he is a happy spouse and father of 2 children.  Music in general and drumming specifically are his life hobbies.  He also enjoys camping, movies, books, woodworking and taking apart/making things.

Jennifer Tewell.jpeg
Jennifer Tewell, MSW, LMSW
(225) 254-0520

Jennifer Tewell is passionate about helping individuals and families. Fourteen years ago, she began her journey in the non-profit and small business sectors primarily in social services. Jennifer has experience in a variety of areas, including survivors of sexual assault, children/teens (ADHD, IEP, 504, neurodivergence), families, mild to chronic severe mental illness, trauma, crisis intervention, and prevention.


Jennifer earned a Master of Social Work (Louisiana State University), a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communications (Franklin University), and an Associate of Arts in early-childhood education (Rock Valley College). Jennifer is a Licensed Master Social Worker, certified Stewards of Children facilitator, Sexual Assault Survivors advocate, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) certified, Crisis Prevention Intervention certified, and a former Fragile Families facilitator. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

She orchestrated a successful grassroots advocacy campaign that changed the law and executed a public education campaign around intimate partner violence that reached over 2.9 million people. The extensive macro experience she has in shaping systems that directly impact individuals allows for a unique perspective to empower clients. 

Because of my own divergent background, it is important to me that I work with a wide range of individuals. This includes persons of all shapes and sizes, cultures and religions, abilities and disabilities, ages and races, sexual orientations (LGBTQI+, kink, poly, asexual), socioeconomic status and occupational status.

jh headshot.jpg
Joanna (Jo) Hynes, LMSW
(225) 288-9606

Joanna (Jo) finds purpose in helping adults and older adults process life-changing events and regain a sense of self. She came to this work as a second career following setbacks and losses in her own life. She worked as an attorney for many years, beginning in corporate law but focusing on family law and estate and probate work in Louisiana. Jo attained a Master of Pastoral Studies degree from Loyola University New Orleans and a Master of Social Work degree from Louisiana State University. She now works with clients from diverse backgrounds, supporting each person in their own environment.


Early in her social work career, Joanna had the opportunity to work with clients seeking help for grief. Seeing that her clients’ grief is often impacted by past trauma, particularly trauma related to adverse childhood experiences, she expanded her focus to trauma processing. She uses a collaborative, trauma-informed approach to help her clients with symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Her background as a lawyer and life experience allow her to hold space for clients’ sometimes horrific experiences. She approaches most mental health symptoms and troubling behaviors, such as substance use and eating disorders, as triggered traumatic responses, and uses a combination of behavioral interventions and deeper psychodynamic work to treat the behavior while seeking to engage with the traumatic memories and beliefs that give rise to the need to do that behavior.

Administrative Assistant

Isabella has been with Red Stick Mental Health since 2019. Her main duties include performing administrative and bookkeeping functions, including billing, insurance processing and payroll functions.

In addition to her work at RSMH, Isabella has experience working as a technical support operator for Law Enforcement Online Help Desk. She provides customer support to law enforcement personnel on a secure networking platform managed by the FBI.

Isabella graduated from Louisiana State University in May of 2023 with degrees in psychology and sociology, concentrating in criminology. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in forensic psychology at Arizona State University.

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