Gender Therapy and Sex Therapy
Gender Therapy
Clients and the community are assisted with services related to gender including:
  • Gender Identity Assessments
  • Information Services
  • Endocrinology (HRT) Referrals
  • Surgical referrals
  • Consultation services to other mental health professionals, busineses, courts, schools
Sex Therapy
Sex Therapy is provided to males, females, non-binary persons, and to couples.  All are welcome, including sexual and gender minorities, LGBTQ+ as well as persons who identify with BDSM, kink and poly communities.
Conditions treated include:
  • low or no sexual desire
  • difficulties with arousal
  • difficulties with orgasm
  • painful sex conditions
  • compulsive or out-of control sexual behaviors (e.g. compulsve porn use, "sexual addiction")
Sex Therapy uses traditional talk therapy techniques combined with a special knowledge of sexual health and the treatment of sexual difficulties.  There is no disrobing or touching in session other than the customary professional handshake.

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